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Every organization learns even it doesn’t want to. Continuous learning is an essential nature of the human character. Without learning, we don’t survive as humankind. But how we learn, what we learn, and for what we learn? And how you can enhance learning in your organization to achieve your business goals?

Who is learning?

As individuals, we mostly learn to manage our work tasks or achieve something better in labor markets. However, in working life, goals of learning are not solely goals of individual workers. Instead, we have to learn to produce value for our employers’ business. In other words, improve processes and make a profit.

For these reasons, the goals of learning for individuals should be parallel to the goals of our business. For instance, the primary goal of learning for sale person is not that she or he could be an effective communicator. Instead, she has to improve her communication skills to make sales

The most essential question is then, how the motives of individuals and the motives of business owner are intertwined. Challenging, isn’t it?

 Levels of learning and production

On the basic level, the focus is on the performance of individuals. For instance, the sale person has to be capable of managing his own work tasks. He has to learn how to use, for example, cash machine or customer record management system.

Secondly, even the most competent professionals don’t make effective processes as such. For example, customer service processes are much more than separate phases of different tasks linked together mechanically. The focus should be on the joint learning of teams and whole workgroups. 

Sometimes the old processes don’t work, and there is pressure to renew the current business models. This should not be the privilege of executives. It is sure that, for instance, a ground floor sale person has valuable insights about customer needs and behavior, which are crucial when designing new business.

In the case you want to learn more, how to make your organization a learning organization, please, feel free to contact me.

Kirsi Elina Kallio