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Change with a big heart

Change impresses. Change terrifies. Change touches our senses. At best, it is an irresistible feeling that makes us shine, learn and get excited together. 

Organizations change successfully only when people change. This requires common understanding, collaboration, competencies and tested tools. 

When you desire to lead your people in change and ensure your success, please contact me. I walk by your side all the way from sparring to planning and implementation – out of love for better change management. 

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Why Kirsi?

We should meet if you are looking for a scientifically trained work and business developer. My superpower is to design your change journey as a goal-oriented learning process. With a big heart – not to mention the fun.

I coach, facilitate, teach and guide. Despite my young age, my career is over twenty years long. During these years, I have had privilege to educate thousands of experts in hundreds of different work communities.

The same decades I have taught courses of working life learning, competence development and communication in different universities. My wild guess is that the amount of these courses is over 200.


  • PhD Student, Adult Education and Developmental Work Research, University of Helsinki
  • Phil. Lic. Speech Communication, University of Jyväskylä, 2001
  • Certified Vocational Teacher, 2000
  • Executive Business Coach, Henley Business School (UK), studies in progress

"I have known Kirsi for over twenty years and have followed her career from being a young communication researcher to business development expert. I am impressed with Kirsi's ability to combine the latest theoretical knowledge with practical work life design. Kirsi is a brilliant thinker and an engaging presenter."

Noshir Contractor

Jane S. & William J. White Professor of Behavioral Sciences
Northwestern University

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